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I am happy to share with you a portion of the talk I recently gave to students at Taylor University. Click here to see the talk and some exciting ministry updates.

As you know, Mastermedia is dedicated to serving as an encouraging voice of experience to the next generation of media leaders. I have been graciously invited to speak at 16 universities throughout the country. Imagine a generation of young Christian media professionals, committed to excellence of craft and exemplifying strong Christian character and lifestyle, flooding into the mainstream media landscape! The impact for Christ and influence on our culture could be world changing! Mastermedia is committed to making this a reality!

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The first work of Long Hill Chapel Missions is to complete the Great Commission. By supporting the GCF, we contribute to the work of Alliance Missions all over the globe. Together, we will see the gospel preached to all nations.



DAVIS – NEW YORK CITY, NY After working several years in Senegal, Brian & Michelle Davis are now in New York City, working with Envision NYC to minister to the West African immigrant population. They have four children: Jacob, Jonathan, Karas, and Josiah. They are leveraging their experience among the Wolof people primarily using health, education, and chronological Bible story telling as avenues to demonstrate the love, truth, and power of Jesus.

PHENICIE – BERLIN, GERMANY Darrell & Cheryl are long time partners with the C&MA and Long Hill Chapel. They have three grown children: Nathan, Glenn, and Rachel. LHC has journeyed with their family for over 33 years as they have worked among Arab-speaking people around the world. Now, the Phenicies are in Berlin, Germany to work with Syrian refugees. They have begun a new ministry, The Lighthouse Gathering Place. Partnering with a Syrian pastor and wife, they reach out to these displaced people, providing for their physical needs, with wifi and german classes, and for their spiritual needs.

ROMANO – SANTIAGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Rick & Tammie are workers with Marketplace Ministries, the entrepreneurial arm of Alliance Missions. They have four children: Jonathon, Rebekah, Abigail, and Moriah. Following 6.5 years in Ensenada, Mexico in 2012, they were called to the Dominican Republic. Their passion is to provide ways to connect local Dominican C&MA churches to their communities by providing for spiritual, social, educational and medical needs. Mission Twenty-Five 35 (Matthew 25:35-36) has a vision to share the Gospel and plant churches through implementing a solution that addresses the lack of clean water, sustainable food sources and the limited access to healthcare and vocational training in the poor and marginalized in the "El Cibao" region of the Dominican Republic. 

CLOSED ACCESS COUNTRY (CAC) WORKERS Long Hill Chapel has a passion to bring the gospel to the most unreached people groups of the world. This involves supporting workers in CAC countries. For the protection of our workers and their ministries, we have kept their identities and locations private. To learn more about the ministries of our CAC workers, please speak to a member of our LHC Mission Committee.

COMPASSION & MERCY ASSOCIATES (CAMA) CAMA is the relief and development arm of Alliance Missions. It is a Christ-centered agency committed to the social demonstration and verbal proclamation of the gospel. CAMA staff members seek both physical and spiritual wholeness for the people they serve. They have translated short-term relief into long-term development projects that emphasize local ownership and sustainability, capitalizing on local strengths and resources.



ADOLFSEN – INDEPENECE, BELIZE Sylvia is a worker with Global Outreach Mission in Independence, Belize and surrounding villages. Her aim is to train and raise up Christian leaders to minister in the local indigenous churches. Sylvia teaches Sunday Bible Classes to children in the surrounding Mayan/Ketchi villages. She also prays for and distributes food to the poor, sick, and elderly in the community.

AGOSTINI – WILMINGTON, DELAWARE Gabe & Judy serve with Ripe for Harvest Outreach. Gabe does leadership training in Latin American and Europe. Through their leadership network, SALT (Support and Leadership Training), the Agostini family continues to develop new leaders in the church, primarily in South America, to effectively bring the gospel to their communities.

BONDS – DALLAS, TEXAS Austin & Darcy are the directors of Metro Relief. They have four children: Elijah, Quintin, Isaiah, and Annalee. Metro Relief seeks to mobilize, empower, restore, and satisfy the needs of the poor and hopeless communities in and around Dallas-Ft.Worth, TX. The Bonds do this through offering a mobile food pantry and resource center. They take a converted bus to homeless communities where they serve food, hand out hygiene products, and offer prayer. Doing this on a consistent basis builds relationships that lead hurting people to Jesus Christ.

HARPER – WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA Chuck & Cindy are the directors of Western Indian Ministries. They have three children: James, Mike, and Ben. Their purpose is to work alongside Native American believers to know Christ and to make Christ known. Seeking to cultivate a Christ centered community and serve the Church. The Harpers train youth, disciple believers, and take the Gospel to the communities. They broadcast quality Bible teaching on three radio stations, covering the Four Corners region of the Southwestern USA, reaching the largest Native American population in the United States.

SPIEKER – CARY, NORTH CAROLINA Edmund & Marli started at TransWorld Radio (TWR) Brazil, where Edmund was the first Executive Director. They have three grown children: Marcio, Simone, and Fabio. After 34 years with TWR, Edmund became International Ministry Director of Churches in Missions serving Christian leaders, pastors, and their wives worldwide. Edmund leads Pastor Care Seminars, mainly in Brazil. He has started and directs Champions Arise, a discipleship ministry for men. Marli founded TWR-Project Hannah, a ministry to downtrodden and abused women with a prayer network in 125 countries, programs in 69 languages, and multiple mercy ministries. Marli retired in 2017.

WORT – LONDON, ENGLAND After many years, Grace Wort has decided to retire from her work on the International Mission Field and continue her work to serve the Lord in London. Grace sends the following thank you to Long Hill Chapel: "Thank you all once again for all the years of faithfully praying and supporting me in the ministry God is using me to have among Europeans!!  I will continue to serve our Great GOD and Father, trusting Him to open doors to love and serve HIM!!  It will be nice to slow down a bit and enjoy some other aspects of life too. Your standing alongside me has made all the difference in being able to serve here in Europe and I cannot put into enough words how precious you are to me.”



WORLD IMPACT – NEWARK, NEW JERSEY World Impact Long Hill Chapel has supported the Newark Christian School for many years, but unfortunately it will be closing this year.

NYC RELIEF – NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK New York City Relief is boots-on-the-ground in poverty stricken areas of New York City and New Jersey. Leading over 7,000 volunteers, they take poverty, addiction and despair head on. By going to the front lines of critical need, bringing relief and compassion to those falling through the cracks of society, they help bring life and joy to these vulnerable people. NYC Relief connects suffering people to vital resources that can turn their lives around. Shelter, medical care, addiction recovery and job training are lifelines to many who are sinking. The strategy is compassion and the mission is life transformation.

MARKETSTREET MISSION – MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY The goal of the Market Street Mission is to help men, women, and children in need through an Emergency Assistance program and a Rehabilitation and Recovery program. Market Street Mission provides meals, shelter and hope to the needy of Northern New Jersey. This hope comes by meeting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. In our rehabilitation program, families are freed and transformed by the power of Jesus.

FIRST CHOICE First Choice opened in 1985 and now has five centers in New Jersey (Morristown, Montclair, Jersey City, Newark and Plainfield). Their mission is to protect the unborn by empowering women. This is accomplished through prevention, intervention and restoration. First Choice is involved in everything from abstinence presentations in public high schools to counseling a woman who is pregnant and considering abortion, to offering a Bible study for women and men who have personally experienced the pain of abortion and need to know Jesus’ healing in their lives.

GOODWILL RESCUE MISSION – NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Goodwill Rescue Mission ministers to those suffering in the hopeless cycle of poverty, homelessness and dependencies, bringing renewal, hope, joy and victory to their lives through the transforming grace and power of Jesus Christ. The Mission will enable the poor, homeless, and addicted of Newark to encounter Christ through compassionate care that meets their immediate needs, encouraging many to hope for a life of dignity made possible through the Mission’s spiritually rich and vocationally focused program of sustainable comprehensive life transformation.

MASTERMEDIA - REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA MasterMedia Because people matter and media shapes people and people shape media. MasterMedia actively participates in the media community by building bridges of communication between media executives and evangelical leaders to help heighten trust and mutual understanding.