Successful Church Workday

The first church workday was a huge success! Patrick Prill organized a team of more than 24 people who tackled many projects inside and outside the church including: 

Boardroom repurposing – The former “Board Room” has been transformed into a Prayer, Counseling and Meeting Room. The wood paneling was treated and restored, furniture was purchased and moved in (from market Street Mission) and a whiteboard was installed. It looks great. The conference table was also moved down to the office where we will complete the transformation of the workroom as a future project.

Office entry and hall repainting – The doors to the office and the entryway hall were repainted. Some additional work needs to be done on trim and at the top of the stairs, but it looks really good.

Sanctuary hallway repainting – The hole in the drywall in the hallway to the right of the sanctuary was repaired and the walls were repainted. It looks great. Touch-up painting was also done on the walls by the bathrooms.

“Blueroom” – Musical instruments were moved out and the wood paneling was treated and restored. 

Office repainting – Karen De Jongh’s office was repainted. She even got her husband to come and help!

Pothole repair – Potholes in the parking lot were filled. 

Clothing racks in the gym – Clothing racks were installed in the restrooms to support the needs of Family Promise guests.

Sanctuary back hallway repair – The choir robe rack was removed from the wall and cracks in drywall were repaired. 

Piano moving – The piano in the “green room” was moved to the Loft. Thankfully, no one was injured in the effort.

Sound system work – Michael Hoddy and Tim Daniels came from New Bridge to assist the Worship Team with their work on the sound system and lighting. (And, Michael took the organ for a spin. It still sounds incredible.)

The entire day was a was a great family/team effort. And, the total cost to LHC was only about $500 - $600.

We are thankful that the Lord moved in the hearts of so many people to help. Another workday will be scheduled in March.